Inside this book is vital information and wisdom. When properly applied, it will produce positive and lasting results, and bring new purpose and meaning to life.
Purpose and meaning for living is what we truly seek and long for and it begins with understanding who we are and the limitless abilities that we possess.
As we begin to understand the workings of our marvelous mind coupled with knowledge of the laws and principles in this universe, life will become a fun and exciting adventure.

God never intended for us to be a victim of our circumstance. He designed us with an imagination that will deliver us from sickness to health, from depression to joy, from poverty to wealth, from shyness to confidence and from failure to success.

“We Are Creators” was written with the intent to reveal the amazing and wonderful purpose of life. Why, unlike any other species, are we given the ability to use imagination? In this book you will learn that it is for the purpose of creation.

Live out of your imagination, not your history! This is how life was intended to be lived, if we were only made aware of it.


The truth is we are all creators, but many people don’t acknowledge this fact!  Follow this authors’ guidance and claim all that is yours..  You are destined to live a completely fulfilling life. Live your destiny now, you deserve it.
Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author
“I am honored to be on this journey with Darryl. We are Creators reminds us that we all have the power to be artists of our own lives.  His book is a great prompt for those of us seeking creativity.”
Judy O’Beirn, Founder & President, Hasmark Publishing International, Bestselling author of Unwavering Strength Series
“Darryl Bell’s book is a refresher for anyone pursuing an answer for purpose. Founder of Hope and Exchange, Darryl’s passion is to have a voice and represent those less privileged than himself.  We are Creators, resonates with beautiful anecdotes and is a definite must read.”
Pashmina P., International Bestselling Author of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy, Marketing Manager, Hasmark Publishing International