Your generous support will help provide numerous life-giving resources and deliver countless children, teens and women from the sex-trafficking industry. We are so grateful that you are joining us in significantly changing the lives of millions of children and families.

Hope & Exchange

Hope and ExchangeHope and Exchange is a non-profit organization that helps those in need of food, shelter and clothing while teaching them to create the future they desire. Our goal is not only to provide immediate assistance, but to also make them aware of who they are and their abilities to create the life they truly desire. They can “exchange” their current life for an unlimited life of possibilities. We do this through training and educational videos available on the website. We also have a vision to save a million plus children from the sex trafficking industry and provide homes for a million plus families in impoverished countries or communities.

A percentage of the book sales of “We Are Creators” are donated to Hope and Exchange. You can purchase my book ‘We Are Creators’ from the Book page.